November in West Florida

Updated: Jan 22

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” V. van Gogh

C always had some trepidation when in water above her head. Two years ago she was brave enough to put on a snorkel mask and plunge into the Kattegat Sea off Hovs Hallar, Sweden. Rich beds of seaweed and turbulent, frothy currents massaged her eyes and body with the allure of the sea.

C's swim ignited a desire to see and do more in the underwater realm, so she enrolled in SCUBA classes when back in the States. Numerous e-learning, informal and formal pool sessions, and mask fills and unfills later, she was ready to take the final PADI open water tests. We decided to take these tests at Birds Underwater in Crystal River Florida, the same place I received a PADI Underwater Cavern certification some 30 years earlier.

Day 1 - Face in the Water...

Florida! Love to visit, but hate the bitey bugs. Except the spiders. Love them too.

The morning started off with a slow a-la-carte breakfast at the Best Western in Crystal River. The room was quiet and barely a pulse could be felt. I guess we sort of needed that after the long drive from Orlando the previous night.