A Year’s Compendium of Visits to Jane’s Island

January at Jane’s Island, Maryland

Day 1 – Foggy Bottom…

The drive down to Jane’s Island was rainy and in some parts torrential. Even so, we pushed the CRV to make good time when possible so that J and I could enjoy a last-light kayak. Fortunately for everyone, there weren’t many other people on the road.

We had called prior to starting the trip and knew to look for our cabin information in the park offices outside box before heading to the boat ramp. After passing through the gate, we stopped for a second to grab the cabin info and drove on.

The boat ramp was covered in fog when we pulled up. The dock’s support poles were just a dimming procession of shadows into the distance. Excitement and confidence overruled what reason J and I had, and we decided to go for a quick paddle in spite of the approaching darkness and fog.

A chilled mist caressed our faces as we slowly paddled across Daugherty Creek Canal (Little Annemessex river). We paddled closer to the southern bank of Acre Marsh as the fog grew thicker. A break in the fog allowed us to pass over to the northern side of the channel. J paddled closer than normal, not wanting to get lost in the foggy soup.