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Kent & Carolyn Carlson

Welcome to Carlson Imagery! 

Kent and I find a visceral beauty in everything in the natural world. We are awed by the complexity, rich colors, and the dynamic landscapes that nature has to offer. 

Photographically capturing and sharing nature drives our passion to explore this diverse world.

We find excitement in capturing life-details from the smallest invertebrates in remote cave pools in Alaska to the largest megafauna that roam our backyard, Rocky Mountain National Park. The juxtaposition of life and lifeless landscapes also picques our ever-evolving interests. 

We have had the privilege to enjoy and photograph in many awe-inspring places such as Iceland, Sweden, St. John, Bonaire, and countless other destinations. Lately we have been frequenting Rocky Mountain National Park.

Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy.

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Video: Turtle grass, cormorant, gars, carp, softshell turtles, manatee, Rainbow Springs, Rock Run, Crystal River, FL

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